Emma, Fish Farmer

Emma is one of our fish farmers featured on Nocofio. He is a smallholder farmer in the outskirt of Accra. With Nocofio’s help, he has been able to construct additional ponds and buys aqua organic feed to grow the fishes and keep them healthy. He is confident that the income he is making from the expansion will enable him to meet more of his financial responsibility to his family.

Adekunle, Poultry Farmer

Adekunle is a poultry farmer in Accra. With Nocofio’s help, he has been establish a new farm in a remote area, Ablekuma where he rears them till their ready to be sold. He then moves them to the city where he started in order to sell them. He currently has a capacity of over 4,000 broilers and he's guaranteed of a quick sale of when they ready.